Recent publications

Cuvelier, E., de Valeriola, S., and Engelbeen, C., Identification automatique des sources des notices zoologiques du Speculum naturale de Vincent de Beauvais.

Lambertini, R., Non solum ex consensu populi. Sondaggi sul rapporto tra consenso e altre forme di legittimazione del potere nel pensiero politico medievale (secc. XI-XIV).

Ninitte, F., Enjeux d’un transfert formulaire. Du débat islamo-chrétien d’al-Hashimī et d’al-Kindī à l’encyclopédie Speculum historiale de Vincent de Beauvais.

Villarroel Fernández, I., "Flores philosophorum et poetarum": tras la huella del "Speculum doctrinale" de Vicente de Beauvais.

Voorbij, H., The Praises of the Virgin Mary and John the Evangelist by Vincent of Beauvais.

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Vincent of Beauvais Newsletter: Editorial

Speculum Historiale manuscript Burgos, Biblioteca de la Catedral 8

Speculum Historiale (Douai version), book XXXII, chapter 105, from manuscript Burgos, Biblioteca de la Catedral 8, fol. 262r (detail)

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Gregory G. Guzman started to edit the (printed) Vincent of Beauvais Newsletter in the fall of 1976. As from issue 35 (2010), Hans Voorbij and Eva Albrecht continued the Newsletter, in digital format only.

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