Manuscripts of Speculum Maius

Sigla of components

LA Libellus Apologeticus
Pdoct Prologue to the Speculum Doctrinale
Rmor Résumé of morale material
Doct text of the Speculum Doctrinale

In order to distinguish different versions of the components of a speculum, a number is added to the component's siglum, preceded by a hyphen. To indicate a specific redaction, a letter is added to the number. Thus LA-3 is the third version of Libellus Apologeticus.

Key to the manuscripts

Do* Corresponding books in the printed edition of the Speculum Doctrinale, Douai, 1624.
I Additional information on the speculum text as present in the manuscript, or on other texts present in the manuscript, or on material damage.
D Date of the manuscript.
P Country, region or place of production; if available, information on the scribe(s) of the manuscript.
O Medieval and pre-modern owners of the manuscript.
L Hyperlink to digital facsimiles of the manuscript.
R Reference to manuscripts listed in other parts of the inventory, with which this manuscript at the time of its production constituted a set of volumes. Manuscripts that have been collected into a set by a single medieval collector (library) within several decades, are indicated with cf.

This inventory is limited to manuscripts that contain at least one book of the Speculum Doctrinale.

Manuscripts of the Speculum Doctrinale

Speculum Doctrinale manuscript Bruges, Stadsbibliotheek 251, fol. 149r

Speculum Doctrinale, beginning of book V, from manuscript Bruges, Stadsbibliotheek 251, fol. 149r


This section on the surviving manuscripts of the Speculum Doctrinale is related to the introduction into the genesis of the Speculum Doctrinale (see Overview of genesis) and its components (see Components). It extends the general introduction into the manuscript inventory of the Speculum Maius (see Manuscripts of the Speculum Maius).

The sigla used for the surviving manuscripts of the Speculum Doctrinale are derived from the inventory in Hans Voorbij, Het 'Speculum Historiale' van Vincent van Beauvais, Groningen 1991, Appendix 2.2, pp. 335-337, and gradually expanded later additions occurring.

Earlier versions of this list of surviving manuscripts of the Speculum Doctrinale mentioned 6 more manuscripts. Irene Villarroel Fernández (De enciclopedia a florilegio: la transmisión de los libros V y VI del "Speculum doctrinale" de Vicente de Beauvais. Madrid 2016 (Ph.D., Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2015). [online available]) shows that these 6 manuscripts do not contain the original text of the Speculum Doctrinale. They contain instead a florilegium that is derived from books V and VI of the Speculum Doctrinale. For this reason, these 6 manuscripts have been moved to the page on manuscripts containing anonymous abbreviations and adaptations of the Speculum Maius.

The following components make up the Speculum Doctrinale (Do):


List of surviving manuscripts

19 surviving manuscripts of the Speculum Doctrinale are known today. 7 of these manuscripts contain only books V and VI, which deal with monastica. The study by Irene Villarroel Fernández shows that these 7 manuscripts constitute a separate branch of the manuscript tradition of the Speculum Doctrinale.