manuscript London, British Library

Miniature depicting Vincent of Beauvais at work in his atelier, from manuscript London, British Library, Royal 14 E I, fol. 3r, Miroir Historial (French translation by Jean de Vignay of Vincent's Speculum Historiale)

Recent publications

Clesse, G., How to Evaluate the Impact of Arabic Sources in 13th-century Latin Encyclopedias.

Ninitte, F., La tradition arabo-musulmane dans le "Speculum Historiale" et dans sa traduction française par Jean de Vignay.

Villarroel Fernández, I., De enciclopedia a florilegio: la transmisión de los libros V y VI del "Speculum doctrinale" de Vicente de Beauvais.

Tugwell, S., Soundings in Exeter College MS 15 and the evolution of Vincent of Beauvais's Speculum Naturale.

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The Dominican friar Vincent of Beauvais († ca. 1264) is the author of an enormous oeuvre. He is most famous for his voluminous encyclopedic work Speculum Maius. He is also the author of a series of political and theological works. This website discloses information on Vincent's life, his works and his influence.

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